About Me


It all started when...

...she was 3 years old and dancing around her living room to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."  Amberly grew up a dancer, using various forms as an outlet and a means of connecting with her body.  She continued dancing through college, even teaching a few children's classes along the way, and adding a hula hoop to the mix in her early 20s.  Through her love of dance and hooping, she was introduced to yoga right when she needed it most. 

Yoga brought something new to the table and provided a sense balance in every aspect of her life. While she loves the physical challenge that yoga provides, the ‘secondary’ benefits of the physical practice are what keep her coming back.  After several years of only asana, Amberly began to deepen her practice by exploring the other limbs of yoga and attending yoga teacher training at Yoga Landing in Chattanooga, TN.  Her love for the way yoga had changed her life drove her to become a teacher and share its benefits with others. 

When off her mat, if she’s not in her kitchen creating a new and tasty meal (some of which will be shared on her blog), then you’ll find her curled up with her sweet kitties reading her next book or playing outside. She enjoys spending time outdoors, especially near water, allowing nature to ground and center her. She enjoys kayaking & paddleboarding, hiking, hula hooping, and climbing.

Amberly teaches and practices many forms of yoga including:  Vinyasa, Yinyasa, Slow Flow, Restorative, and Yin.